At the moment I´m working on:

Arsonist Lodge - Design for the upcoming gatefold 7"
Tattoo - Death on a Horse
Tattoo - The Black Sun of Armageddon
Tattoo - Poisonous Plants
Tattoo- Lucifer on the Throne
Enochian Crescent- Nef.VI.lim LP -covers
Curse- Void Above, Abyss Below -covers
Majdanek- Logo

Latest work I´ve done:

Curse - Logo
Illustration - Guitar design
Ensiferum - Website design
Gullveigarbók - Large amount of illustrations (Previews after 31.10.2010 aB)
Tattoo - Plagued Mary
Hellevil - Logo
Kuolonkorjuu - Poster

20.10.2010 aB
URL has changed. Finally there´s no advertisement at the top of the page.
I´m still quite busy, and I will be away from 8th November to 15th November.

20.10.2010 aB
Propaganda -section updated.

15.06.2010 aB
As everyone can see, I´m overbooked right now. So, no new work accepted for a while. I´m also away from 28th June to 14th July and I won´t be answering my mails.

15.06.2010 aB
Projects updated. Propaganda -section updated.

17.01.2010 aB
Projects updated & the sign that I´m still alive.

What´s new?
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