At the moment I´m working on:

Tattoo - The Black Sun of Armageddon
Whisky Book- Illustrations
Abhordium- Album cover
Behexen- By the Blessing of Satan re-release artwork
Musta Kappeli- Album cover
Refusal- Album cover
Sons of Crom- Cover art
Elding- Logo

Latest work IŽve done:

Tattoo - Swordcross
Lord of Pagathorn- LP covers
FUSA - Heraldic symbol
Armed Butterfly - T-shirt Design
Nyctophilia - Logo
Nyctophilia - Symbol
Triangulum Ignis- Logo

13.05.2014 aB

Propaganda -section updated.
For the time being I won't be able to accept any new assignments.

02.04.2014 aB

Just a small update. More coming.

26.11.2013 aB

Propaganda -section updated. New works added.
IŽll be far away from 4.1.2014 to 12.1.2014 and wonŽt be answering mails.

What´s new?
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